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If you are reading this page, there is something that is calling your life into

greater alignment

Maybe you’ve been a boss-mode hustler, and hit a wall of burn-out realizing there has to be more. Or maybe you’re already tuned into your spiritual journey and know what you need to do, but something keeps you from living your purpose in action.

Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, this is an invitation to merge the two worlds of intuition and action into daily practice, bridging the gap between what you know to be true, what you feel, and what your life looks like in the external world.

This is about breaking through the upper limit of your predictable future and stepping into a domain of the unknown to receive your wildest potential. 

the truth is

There’s something in your life you feel STUCK on—

Maybe it’s the book you’ve always wanted to write, or the revenue goal you’ve always wanted to hit, or the project you’ve always wanted to start…

Whatever you desire most, this is your invitation to REACH FOR IT. Join us and…

—» Establish energetic boundaries and create sovereignty over who you are.

—» Liberate yourself from the weight of other people’s influence.

—» Reject the mistrust you have in yourself, and embrace your gut feeling.

In order for women to get anything done in this world, we’ve had to dilute ourselves. 

We realized that in order to have a seat at the table we needed to be more masculine, action driven. That we needed to stifle our feminine intuition in order to be successful. 

But gone are the days where our intuition needs to be pushed to the sidelines. The world is waking up to the idea that what’s most powerful is NOT to abandon one for the other… It is to combine them. 

This challenge will give you the space to develop your intuitive action muscle, so that you can reliably and consistently take inspired action and generate results you never DREAMED possible.

Awareness + Action = TransformatioN

Every Day, You’ll Experience…ACTION


In the morning, tune in for powerful teachings, meditations/activations, and in-the-moment coaching by Jules and other guests that will leave you feeling inspired and eager to be in action around the things you desire. No more procrastinating, ignoring your internal cues, and taking action from what you— or the people around you— think you “should” do.


In the afternoon, you’ll learn the unique map to your intuition through engaged and accelerated practice. In addition you will hear personal stories, tips, and tools from our expert guest speakers on how they are living from intuitive desire.

Facebook Group

Once you register, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group. This will be your home base for the Challenge. Here, you’ll connect to your fellow participants and share stories, successes, and support. You’ll also receive expert guidance from Jules and her team.

7 Days of Sessions

Access, Activate, and Accelerate your desires and dreams in your life through these sessions. Learn how to pull your dreams towards you and break through any blocks that are holding you back from going to the next level. 

Global Community

Say “yes” to a support system of open-hearted individuals all over the world. Here, you’ll to tap into the power of community and shared intention. Together, we create exponential momentum for ourselves and others.

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Jules is truly one of a kind. I’ve never met a leader like her. Her energy, wisdom, and confidence is magnetic and has the power to transform those around her. Jules’ leadership in Unconventional Life was a perfect example of that, and it was powerful to experience first-hand.

Lena Elkins

Millennial Business Coach, Forbes Writer

Jules Schroeder is a multi gifted, multi passionate renaissance woman. She is a powerful leader and holds a space for major transformation. Jules is a powerful creator. She takes huge ideas to implementation with remarkable speed and consistently exceeds expectations.

Jackie Knechtel

Founder of Flow Consciousness Institute

It was a life-changing experience with an amazing group of entrepreneurs who live their lives passionately and inspire you to be the best version of yourself!

Florence Turiaf

Live Events Organizer

At age 39 I received life-changing news: I had breast cancer. A friend told me about Jules and took a leap of faith and was catapulted into a journey I never dreamed possible. Today I am the CEO and founder of the coaching business Warrior Girl, and the clothing line Kilele. 

Whitney Cox

Founder of Warrior Girl

If it's not a "hell yes" then it's a "hell no."

That’s the truth of your inner compass.

Yet so often, you ignore your gut feeling, then feel the friction when your life seems of alignment. 

But inside this challenge, you’ll learn to deeply listen to yourself in a way that propels you into effortless and consistent action. 

You’ll learn to stop frivolously giving away your YES and embracing the power of your NO.

It’s time to take the leap on your deepest desires, and join a community of women also committed to a MASSIVE breakthrough in their lives. 

The inspiration behind this challenge…

This challenge was inspired by the recent release of the book Intuitive Living, A Practical Guide For Women Who Want To Deeply Trust Themselves. Published by Hille House Publishing, 25 contributors including myself, Dr.John Demartini, and many other thought leaders came together to write this International #1 Best Seller. Many of these contributors wanted to go put the concepts of this book into action and experience so we put together this challenge to take the principles of this book to the next level. 

In the pages of this book, you will find so much wisdom, tools, collection of life stories , that will inspire you to drop into a life led by your intuitive knowing, let go of fear, doubt, and uncertainty to create a life you are wildly turned on by.
The book released on February 4th, 2022 and instantly became a Best Seller in five countries: USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia in a total of 27 categories!!!

About Your Host

Hi I’m Jules Schroeder

Can you pinpoint a single moment in your life that changed the trajectory of your life forever?

I remember mine like it was yesterday. I was wakeboarding in Colorado on a beautiful summer day in 2015. My friends and I were competing to see who could launch off the wake to get the most air. As the oldest of five sisters and a former competitive athlete, I became FIXATED on winning. 

I kept at it for hours – even after some of the boys I was up against headed back to shore.  Finally, I launched up into the air – higher than I had ever launched in my life – and wiped out. HARD. I did a quick body scan – did I still have all of my limbs? Everything appeared to be fine… Until an hour later, when I started losing feeling in my arms and legs. Everything was going numb. I was rushed to the hospital.

I was dipping in and out of consciousness. I was sent in for an MRI. I heard murmurs of a possible neck fracture. The chance of paralysis. Suddenly, I was approached by a white figure and six black shadow council members. They asked me a question that seemed straight out of a movie: “You have more work left to do in the world, Jules. Do you want to do it?”

“Absolutely,” I responded, “as long as I don’t come back a vegetable.”

And then I woke up. I felt a surge of energy from the base of my neck down my spine like a bolt of lightning. Suddenly, I could feel my body again. My life changed in that instant, forever. It was the start of my life being created THROUGH me rather than created BY me. 

Just a few weeks later, a friend reached out and asked if I wanted to be a global ambassador for the People & Planet Foundation for education and work with the UN.I remember answering that call – neck brace on, no website or business plan in sight – and feeling a familiar surge of energy flow through me telling me to say YES. From there, I was invited to Forbes 30 Under 30… Which led to my blog and podcast called Unconventional Life that has since reached millions of people in 75 different countries. Then, an interview led to my involvement with the book Intuitive Living: a practical guide for women who want to deeply trust themselves. And that book led me to create this Intuitive Action Challenge. 

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t connected with my intuition on that fateful day in the summer of 2015. 

Your Expert Guest Speakers

Krystal Hille

CEO of Hille House Publishing & Soul Leadership Mentor

Jolie Dawn

Founder of Prosperity Queendom, Inc.


Isabelle Tierney

Founder & CEO of the Feel Good Life, Licensed Therapist

Kelly Boucher

Innovative Education Thought Leader & Artist


Rivka Worth

Founder of Eco Soma, Dance and Embodiment Mentor, Somatic Entrepreneur

Eva Arissani

She Phoenix Femme Phoenix Co-Founder, Transcentral Founder, Philanthropist

Farrah Miller

Integrated Nutrition Health Wellness + Life Coach, Cosmic Healer + Reiki Master

Justina Casuarina

Feminine Empowerment Leader + Founder of Feminine Vitality 

Randa Sultan

Founder of Sacred Prana, Energy Healing + Breathwork Specialist

Bianca de Reus

The Soul Connector™ + founder Connecting Soul Beings®


Sophia Harvey

Empowerment Specialist,  Holistic Psychologist & Founder of The Zebra Crossing Program™”.

Joanne Makas

Embodiment Coach & Sound Bath Facilitator

Ronja Sebastian

Creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat & the 22 Minutes of Bliss Experience

Kate Lionis

Artist, Photographer & Founder of Armitage Yoga

Christiane Ameya

Female Sexuality Expert, Mentor, Tantric Facilitator

Niki Woods

Certified Love & Authenticity Practitioner & Certified Whole Healer

Daniel Werner

Purpose & Alignment Coach, Human Design Reader

Tracy Jenkins

Ghostwriter, Copywriter, & Poet


Katerina Lenarcic

Evolutionary Life Coach & Quantum Energy Light Master

I know the feeling of creating the shell of a fulfilling life…

Where from the outside, everything appears just fine.  

But on the inside, there’s a nagging feeling telling you that there has got to be more.

You feel it when you wake up in the morning… When you’re on your way to work… When you come across something deeply inspiring… (It may even be nagging at you right this very moment!) 

But it’s time to stop ignoring your inner wisdom, and step up to your soul’s purpose. 

It’s your time to… 
Be the creative visionary you are. 

Expand into wild abundance.

Burst through the gap between where your life is now and what your soul is calling you forth to do.

This is a Collective Uprising of Women

It is time for us to acknowledge our deep, resounding feminine intuition. 

To master our innate power

To be collectively heard.

To reject what we “shouldwant, and embrace what we actually desire

To develop our intuitive action muscle, and learn how to channel it. 

To unlock realms of success that we haven’t even dreamt possible. 

So I ask you, are you ready to activate your intuition?

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By Saying “yes” to this Challenge You are

Going all in on creating access
to more pleasure in your
life and success.

Ready for the limitless possibilities
of your life to come to fruition
with ease and flow.

Allowing yourself to feel
more clear, aligned, and in action
to your purpose.

Breaking through resistance, lack of clarity,  doubt, and self-judgment.

How it Works


When you register, you’ll gain  access to all of the challenge content and to our extraordinary support community on Facebook. 


One area of your life that is not working as well as you would like it to. Your “predicable pattern” is what we will dissolve and gain velocity in. 


Commit to yourself by playing full-out. Get ready to create radical change in an area of your life that really matters to you.

Change the Course of Your life

What would be possible if you could consistently and reliably trust yourself to take aligned action in every moment?

If you stopped second guessing yourself and fighting the natural current of life? 

If you surrendered to the essence of your woman? Embraced your innate intelligence and MOBILIZED that intelligence consistently over time? 

What would be possible if you allowed yourself to become an integrated feminine being? 

Are you ready to find out? 

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